Thursday, June 18, 2015

Hatband for my Husband

This is a hatband that I made for my dh that he actually designed.  I did the cross stitch on 40 ct Linen that I had.  He and I worked together to figure out something Southwest, but yet having his Vietnam Ribbon on it as well,  I need to get back to my samplers too but this was a fun stitch.  I have been studying for an upgrade to my Ham Radio license and it is interfering with my stitching lol.   I did enjoy this for  my dh and so glad he likes it too.  I used my Ultimate Mini Frame and then cut the fabric and hemmed the edges for his hatband.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Progress on Eleanor Parr

I am slowly but surely working on Eleanor Parr when I have a chance and had hoped to finish this bird but we are showing WIP's so I decided to just make a post. We had some errands yesterday to run so my stitching time got cut a bit short yesterday. I so love working on this though and love stitching the birds. I did make a bit of progress on some leaves and vines and then just had to go on to another bird. Today is a wet day outside with showers on and off, so maybe I can make a bit more progress. Thank you to those who were kind and left me some nice comments! :)

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Eleanor Parr's Bird

This is the first bird that I stitched on Eleanor Parr.   I love this and all of the birds on Eleanor, but I kept looking at this one and decided it needed a new makeover.  Something just didn't look right on this one so I frogged out the blues in this one and changed how they worked together and now I really think I like it even more.   It is like this bird needed to go through a moulting and the new feathers are in now.  I hope ya all like the change.  I have chosen my colors but sometimes you just have to experiment a bit to see how they blend together to get the result and I for one am happier with this one.  I am glad I did this before moving on the the Blue Jay.  These blues are better for me.  Thank you Barb for your sweet comment!

I am official now with holding my technician license in ham radio.   I am excited as the test was not easy and I learned about some electronics issues to pass.  Jerry and I both plan to try for our general license in July too.  One thing I love about it is everyone is very polite and nice on there as the FCC has strict conduct rules.  No one bashes anyone and it is a really great bunch of people all over the world who we can talk with.  .  To anyone else who is in Ham Radio, who may read my blog, 73 to you.   KG5HTP

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

More Progress on Eleanor Parr

                           26 Inch Frame and Tabletop/Lapstand by Wooden Treasures

This is my latest progress photo of Eleanor Parr.  I am really loving the leaves and vines and the colors are just as I had hoped they would be.  Thank you everyone who sent me postings on our situation in Houston.  We are finally getting some nice sunny days and things are hopefully getting better near the rivers.  I have been working on this and enjoying it very much.   Today Jerry and I got our Amateur Radio call signs from the FCC so today we are able to talk to others on the Ham Radio bands.   Lots of great things going here.  Thank you all for your comments here!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Houston Texas 2015 Floods

For those of you not familar with Houston, this spot is on Hwy 288 just south of downtown. You are looking north. Hwy 288 is a major route out of Houston.  And we are expecting more rain tomorrow with a less chance of rain on Sunday.  Lots of flooding in our area, but we are up higher here and so far no problems for me and my family.   They are letting water out of Lake Conroe and several other areas which are causing even more people to have evacuations.   We got a foot of rain  just three days ago.   It is the wettest may in history here and the poor folks in Hill Country are in eve worse shape than we are here in Houston.   Wish we could send some to California.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Eleanor Parr- The Scarlet Letter

I finally found time to work on Eleanor Parr.  It has been so long since I stitched on the birds so I decided to stitch this red bird on the left side even though I need to stitch some leaves.  The leaves will be next in this group on the left and should fill in nicely.  I have also been working on my Serenity Harbor project.  I have also been busy studying for my Technician's license in Ham Radio to take the test next week.   Always something to do here.   Tomorrow is Jerry's and my 17 year wedding anniversary.    We have had a lot of rain here so I am hoping for sunshine tomorrow.  Hope you are all enjoying your stitching.     To Laura, thank you for the nice email and I am so glad you got your frame and stand, and hope you are enjoying them as well. :)    Barbara, thank you for your comments here.  I look forward to seeing them.

UPDATE;  Thank you for all who have posted here on my blog!   Marie, thank you for the good wishes on my license test for Ham Radio!  I am very happy to report that I passed my Technician license test and will get my call numbers from the FCC soon.  Jerry also passed his with flying colors as well.  We are both very happy after taking the tests at Lone Star College last Saturday!!  

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