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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Wooden Treasures Table Top Stand and Ultimate Stitching Frame at Northwest Sampler Guild Retreat

Jerry and I are so excited as Karen Dearborn sent him this post today on his Wooden Treasures page:

Karen Dearbornposted toWooden Treasures
9 hours ago near Victoria, British Columbia

Hi Jerry - thought I'd send you some feedback from the Northwest Sampler Guild retreat I attended this past weekend.

All the brochures you sent with my stand were taken by the ladies attending retreat. Some of the women there have millennium frames and two of them told me that they liked the metal screw side parts and the other innovations that you'd made. I've never used a millennium frame, so don't know what they mean, but they were very complimentary.

One of the women said that she thinks your work is a better quality than the millennium frame that she has, plus it's half the price of what she paid for her frame years ago.

I'm pretty sure you'll be getting orders. Lots of them.

People were also very impressed with your stand - especially because you don't have to screw the frame into the stand. Every other frame at the retreat was of the kind where the frame has to be screwed in. Your design was seen as a huge improvement - people like the way the frame rests on the 'arms' making it easy to re-position plus get access to the back of the embroidery easily.

I feel proud to have been able to show off your work.


Margaret said...

I'm so happy you were a hit! I do plan to show off my floor stand on my blog as well -- just have to finish my quilt first. :D

Penny said...


Kevin said...

Looks great! Glad to hear the stand was a hit at the Sampler Guild meeting.

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